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June 12, 2020
Dear Neighbors and Friends,
I write to you today with hopes high—a sentiment that may feel out of place for some of us as we begin to navigate into our new normal. It has been an entire season since we have banded together to relish in recreation. Spring has bloomed and summer is peaking through. While we don’t know what showers tomorrow may bring, I take today’s sunshine as a foreshadow of all the good that is yet to come. There is renewed hope that soon we will revel in the countless programs Newtown Continuing Education has to offer.

So as you make an entrance into your new normal, as the foliage brings us yet another season, remember that we are here to support you in refining or developing, and in exploring all of the activities you have come to enjoy. Fall will debut activities you have been yearning for and more. We can explore our new normal together; as I am sure we too will have to adhere to guidelines set forth by the State of Connecticut and Governor Lamont. Guidelines for the fall are yet unknown, but I anticipate they will be much like what is already in place. You shall not allow this news to impede your enjoyments. This should bring you comfort in that we will ensure the safety of all participants; patrons and staff alike. We will soon enjoy the gifts of an ordinary day, keep your optimism.

Until we meet again,
Jennifer Arnold
Director, Newtown Continuing Education

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